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For more information on protecting your personal information online, refer to Guide to Online Protection - Protect Your Personal Information.

Online Protection Glossary

Common Banner Code

The latest information on the updated Common Banner can be found here: http://www.vita.virginia.gov/library/default.aspx?id=6442469717

Compliance Checklist for the Web Site Standard (ITRM GOV106-00) Template

In addition to meeting WCAG 1.0 Level A accessibility requirements in the Accessibility Standard, public websites must adhere to the Web Site Standard’s Template. This checklist will help you keep track.

The Goal of this Site.

The goal of this site is to educate web developers of all skill levels in accessible web design techniques. The site covers both conceptual and technical levels of design, and should support a developer from planning to publishing. It should be noted that accessibility, and certainly web design; are ever-changing entities. This web site will be updated and maintained as new techniques and standards are developed.

The Plan of Action.

In order to best help developers learn and start building, this site itself is the study guide. It has been outfitted with every feature and overcome the most common obstacles to accessibility. The site is maximally accessible. That is, it has achieved the most stringent and difficult to obtain accessibility ratings from the W3C. Users of this site should be able to use it to create a complete and full-featured, maximally accessible web site.

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