Compliance Checklist for the Web Ste Standard (ITRM GOV106-00) Template

In addition to meeting WCAG 1.0 Level A accessibility requirements in the Accessibility Standard (ITRM GOV103-00), public websites must adhere to the Web Site Standard’s (ITRM GOV106-00) template. Besides checking for accessibility compliance by running accessibility software on its public sites, an agency needs to manually check for compliance with the template.

NOTE: This Checklist is a guide to assist in identifying key issues involved with the requirements of the Standard.  This Checklist does not address the numerous code-level requirements and successfully completing it is not equivalent to complying with the Web Site Standard.

Page Template Requirements: Look for these 5 items on every page. (If an agency’s site is dynamically generated, only one page may need to be check if all pages share the same layout.). You may also Download this Checklist (Word Format) if that format better suits your needs.

Checklist Items Yes No Comment
  1. A black bar at the top with 2 links on the left ("Commonwealth of Virginia" and "Governor") and three links on the right ("Skip Navigation", "Web Policy", and "Contact Us")
a. Commonwealth of Virginia
b. Governor
c. Skip Navigation
d. Web Policy (Click through to (i.) – (v.))
i. Disclaimer
ii. Use of Cookies
iii. Link Policy
iv. Privacy Policy
e. Contact Us (Click through to (i.) – (iv.))
i. Mailing Address
ii. FAX Number
iii. Phone Number, Toll Free Number, and TTY Number
iv. Email Link to Agency
  1. 50 pixel tall banner beneath the top black bar. (If your site has a search engine, the banner should have a text input or link to the site search.)
  1. A black bar beneath the banner with your navigation trail / breadcrumb navigation.
  1. A vertical left-hand navigation area with at most 12 links. (These links shouldn’t change from page to page.)
  1. A footer (with agency name, copyright information, and WAI compliance statement/icon.
Public sites must also have the following pages/items
  1. A site search (if your site has more than 30 pages)
  1. A forms repository/page
Level A conformance icon, W3C-WAI Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0  Valid HTML 4.01!  Valid CSS!
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