Design Tutorials


The Design Tutorials section was created to walk web developers through the entire process of creating a functioning template site. The Design Tutorials section is set up in a linear format. Each section will guide you through the various pieces of the Template System. We will cover actual source code, as well as dig deeper into some of the concepts that help make a web site truly accessible to everyone. Listed below are the sections in sequential order.

What is the Template System?

A brief introduction to the Template System. Read More.

Planning Your Site

A walkthrough of considerations that should be made before development begins. This section covers various areas of preparation that can make the entire process of building an accessible site much easier. Read More.

Using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

Cascading Style Sheets are a easy and powerful way for web developers to control the layout and presentation of a web site. They are all also one of the most powerful tools for web accessibility. In this section, we will examine the Style Sheet of this web site in-depth. Read More.

Understanding Include Files

The use of included content (include files) is one of the Template System's core attributes. This section discusses how include files are used, and why they are important. Read More.

Building the Shell

Now that we understand how Include Files work, we need a place to put them! This section details how the Shell Files are created, and is our first foray into the underlying HTML Source Code if the Template System. Read More.

Working with Content

Adding content to your pages is the next step toward completing your new web site. This sections covers commonly used HTML elements within the content area of your pages. We will cover Tables, Forms and common accessibility issues. Read More.
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